Concrete Demolition

Concrete Demolition Services in Minnesota

Specializing in commercial remodeling and general construction, Randahl Construction, Inc. offers concrete demolition services in Minnesota. Our demolition services are often connected to our remodeling and construction projects but we also perform concrete demolition projects on their own. We offer free site visits and estimates on demolition projects across the Twin Cities, so give us a call at 763-559-1009 if you are interested in discussing a demolition project of your own.

Demolition Permits in Minnesota

Is a demolition permit required in Minnesota?

concrete demolition services The first step in understanding what permits are required for your demolition project, is to understand what type of work is going to be performed and completed. Typically, you want to meet with a general contractor located in the Twin Cities, if that is where your project is going to be completed, such as Randahl Construction. General Contractors can help you plan and design your project and help identify what type of work is to be completed and where specific permitting will be required. All commercial construction projects are different and depending on where the business is located, the rules and regulations are different. So it is key to select a contractor that is familiar with your location. For instance, if a business is located in Minneapolis, we are going to want to make sure that all of the work on our project scope or estimate follows the guidelines for the city of Minneapolis. For instance, in bold letters on the City of Minneapolis‘ website reads:

“Building projects of any size may require that you obtain one or more permits before you can begin the work.”

This reiterates our point of understanding the specific city requirements before you begin your project. As the client of a general contractor, permits should be discussed early in the project and communication should be clear on when and who is going to be handling the permitting for the project. Being in business for over thirty years we have the experience to speed up the process of permits and permitting while making sure everything is properly permitted before we begin work. If you have a contractor that is not worried about permitting for your project or delays the permitting process, it would be highly recommended to obtain a second opinion. More information on permits can be found here:”Pulling Permits: Building Permits and Commercial Remodeling

Disclaimer: All building construction and demolition permitting questions and information should be answered in the discovery meeting of your project with your general contractor or by your local governing office. Randahl Construction offers the above and below information on this topic for general educational purposes only

concrete demolition MinnesotaMN Concrete Experts

As concrete experts in Minnesota, we visit clients across the Twin Cities helping businesses identify unsafe concrete or damaged concrete structures. After we identify the problem, our concrete engineers then look at all of the available options to provide the best solution to the problem, thinking about the future as well. Concrete repair and fixing the structure is always the first option we review with our clients because it is usually the most cost effective solutions but often times the problem goes deeper than a simple concrete repair or fix. We have trained concrete experts who are equipped with all of the proper concrete repair tools and solutions for these types of problems but a long term fix should and usually is the best option. These type of must fix scenarios include: Deep widespread cracks, sunken concrete slabs, concrete floor surfaces that have significant spalling, and also because we are in Minnesota, another must fix situation is concrete that has frost heaving, which is when the soil underneath the concrete freezes and causes upwards swelling of the soil pushing the concrete up.

Fixing Concrete, Starting with Demolition

These must fix concrete issues/scenarios are solved by first demolishing the concrete wall, structure, or flooring that has been damaged. Proper demolition is key to a successful project because professional demolition sets the stage for the new work or rebuild to be performed. As we earlier stated, Randahl Construction, Inc. is in the commercial remodeling and industrial construction industry so through the years we have understood the significance in having our own professional demolition team. Our demolition team has high standards making sure that everything is demolished properly and exposed of properly setting the stage for our construction and concrete teams to come in and finish the work.

Concrete Demolition Estimates and Costs

When preparing estimates and costs involved in a concrete demolition project, there are several variables that will affect the overall pricing of the project. The first factor is what type of work is involved in the entire demolition project. What type of machinery will be needed for the initial demolition of the structure, and how many estimated man hours in those machines are going to be required. Some demolition projects in which heavy machinery is required, the costs will obviously increase. Another price factor is assessing the specialized work to be completed such as hazardous waste etc. Understanding that all projects are different and all levels of work are available we base our demolition charges on a per project basis and each project will be looked at individually and priced out accordingly. If you are looking for pricing and ball park figures for a demolition project contact us.