Concrete Floor Repair

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We guarantee two things about concrete: Concrete will get hard and Concrete will crack.

We Turn Your Warehouse Into a Ware-home

Minnesota concrete floor repair

Even though concrete is one of the most durable flooring options, it’s not without its vulnerabilities, and that’s especially true when it comes to industrial work environments. If the concrete floors of your warehouse are cracked, chipped or otherwise damaged, Randahl Construction can help you out with professional Concrete Floor Repair.

Concrete Floor Evaluation

The first step to any concrete repair project is a Concrete Evaluation done by a professional concrete contractor. Based in Corcoran, MN we offer concrete floor evaluations to businesses across the state of Minnesota, mainly those that are based around the Twin Cities. During a schedule site visit, our concrete experts can review your flooring and help you identify the existing issues and then provide solutions to your problem. We also work closely with structural engineers who can be brought in to help with any structural issues in your facility.

We also provide Non-destructive evaluation (NDE) techniques that include radar, infrared thermography, and impact-echo. The first step is to schedule a site visit and we will do the rest from there.

The Importance of Pristine Floors

It’s undoubtedly true that damaged concrete floors are an eyesore, but they’re also much more than that. For one thing, warehouse floor cracks can lead to unintentional violations of OSHA standards and regulations, which can lead to disciplinary action as well as a financial penalty. Even if damaged concrete floors don’t lead to regulation violations, they’re still dangerous for employees, forklift drivers and other equipment in your warehouse.

Rolling machines, AGVs, forklifts and other related equipment can become damaged due to concrete warehouse floors in need of repair, not to mention machine operators and employees can also hurt themselves on such flooring. We recommend that you not wait until an employee is injured or equipment is unnecessarily damaged before you take action. You might as well spend money on floor and dock repair rather than spend more on repair and a loss of productivity as well as the cost to repair your equipment.

The Randahl Construction Approach

To truly make sure you save as much as possible while doing what’s right for your warehouse floors, employees and equipment, we take the most efficient approach. Before going straight to the removal and replacement of your damaged concrete we also review all types of repair solutions such as Ardex, which can offer temporary repair for areas that do not necessarily require removal and replacement. With more than three decades of experience repairing and polishing concrete, our employees know the difference between a repair job and a replacement job.
Do you have warehouse floor cracks in need of expert Concrete Floor Repair or replacement? Don’t wait until disaster strikes before taking action – Send a completed contact form, or reach us at 763-559-1009.