Dock Leveler Pit Concrete

dock leveler pit concreteOutdated dock leveler designs and poor dock leveler pit concrete can cause damage and injuries overtime. The jarring vibration caused by gaps and bumps in old levelers causes strain on forklift operators, their equipment, and the products that are being transported. Product spills, chronic back injuries, and costly repairs can all be attributed to dock shock.

These risks can be alleviated with smooth dock leveler pit concrete by a professional concrete contractor. Randahl Construction, Inc. in Corcoran, MN provides dependable Dock Leveler Pit Concrete, necessary to support your industrial dock levelers for years of smooth operation.

Our Dock Leveler Pit Concrete Benefits

The loading dock should be a smooth and safe place for all forklift operators and equipment. Dock leveling solutions supported by our concrete come with the following advantages:

• Prevent drop-off accidents
• Smooth transition between the warehouse floor and trailer bed
• Easy end loading
• Flexible for forklifts with 3 or 4 wheels
• Protection for personnel during pit cleanings and inspections

Choosing the right concrete contractors to install your dock leveler can provide you with the convenience and safety expected by your employees, truck drivers, and forklift drivers. Less equipment damage, fewer injuries, and affordable lifetime ownership allows you and your crew to navigate the loading dock with confidence.

Your Dock Options

There are various innovative solutions available that meet all the challenges of loading docks. Here are some dock leveling options for you:

Hydraulic Dock Levelers – Low ownership costs and minimal maintenance
Air Powered Dock Levelers – Prevent stump-out complications
Mechanical Dock Levelers – Reliable hold-down

With 30 years of experience in the construction industry we have built a well established network with partners of all types. If you are interested in a dock leveler for your warehouse, let us know and we can recommend a well qualified dock leveler distributor in Minnesota who’s happy to assist you in choosing the best solution for your warehouse. Dock Leveler Manufacturer Links: Pentalift, Ritehite, Pioneer

Minnesota Concrete Solutions

Our experts can modify and improve your work environment with warehouse concrete services. As the nature of your work changes and expands, you may need to have a new leveler installed for the first time or need to replace an old one. Whatever the case is, we can provide the concrete pouring and cutting services you need for your dock levelers. We also specialize in concrete repair for your warehouse so if you have any damaged concrete that needs to be repaired or replaced.

We’re ready to equip you with the concrete you need to load your docks smoothly and efficiently. Improve your warehouse safety and productivity with our dock leveling solutions. You and your forklift operators won’t have to deal with the jarring effects of dock shock anymore with our products.