New Concrete Construction

Randahl Construction in Minnesota, can assist you and your business with New Concrete Construction and masonry building projects of all sizes. Working with Fortune 500 companies as well as small business start ups, our focus is to provide quality work, on time and with in budget across the entire commercial construction industry. Our team of highly skilled construction and concrete workers have extensive experience in the industry providing us with the best opportunity to maintain and build an amazing customer base. Give us a call at 763-559-1009 or use our contact form to begin discussing your project today!

Warehouse Additions and Build Outs

new concrete constructionWhether a business is exploring options of building expansion, looking for budgetary numbers or ready to start construction for a warehouse building addition, Randahl Construction can help. Our close relations with industry professional can help you understand the complete scope of the project and the costs involved. Often times multiple experts need to be brought in on a project to ensure that everything is done properly. We have great relations with companies such as pallet rack providers, and warehouse equipment suppliers because of previous projects completed together in the past.

New Concrete Construction

Concrete is the foundation of your business, and our business is building yours! After years of working with concrete contractors, Randahl Construction decided to add a concrete division to the team and it was perfect. We now can manage the project from start to finish. For years now, our concrete and masonry construction teams have helped us keep costs down on projects, while maintaining quality and service. Our communication throughout the projects are seamless because of the experience we all have working together. Our relations with the concrete suppliers such as Cemstone, have grown through our years of experience and we now can trust that our projects will be done on time and on budget.

We can manage entire construction projects from drawings to the grand opening of a new commercial facility. When it comes to any type of new construction, including build outs and additions to warehouses, we provide dependable solutions. We offer the following:

• Design assistance
• Exterior and interior flatwork
• Flooring
• Concrete foundations
• Overlays
• Driveways
• Parking lots
• Sidewalks and patios
• Basements
• Concrete buildings

From the architectural drawings to the opening of the doors at the new commercial facility, Randahl Construction is there. We take great pride in the State of Minnesota and the businesses that choose to build and expand here, so it is our pleasure to continue working with Minnesota Businesses as we help the state of Minnesota prosper. It’s so fun to watch businesses grow and expand operations while providing jobs for people in our community and we feel we are a major part in that by helping those with the construction of these projects.

Planning for New Concrete Construction

After the business decision is made to move forward with a new construction building or addition, its time to get Randahl Construction involved. We help our clients exactly where they are at in the construction planning process. Sometimes our clients want 100% help with everything from start to finish, while other companies come with completed drawings just asking for construction and concrete estimates. Our advice in the process is crucial when it comes to the foundation and concrete being used in your buildings. Our engineers and architects will help identify exactly the right products for the new building or expansion, making sure that we meet all codes in the state of Minnesota. Our concrete division can help poor the concrete flooring and also complete the masonry work in your construction project.

Skilled Concrete Contractors

Whether you need a new driveway for your loading dock or a new concrete building, our concrete experts have extensive experience to accommodate your unique needs. Our skillset involves a comprehensive knowledge of commercial concrete construction services delivered with top quality products and installation. If you need something solid you can count on to keep your facility productive and looking great, come to us for concrete solutions.

Working With Others

We understand that you might have had other general contractors working with you on your property while you’re looking for concrete construction. This is no issue for us. We will work alongside other contractors as we pour the concrete and assist you in whatever you need. New construction is all about collaborating to give business owners the best facilities they need to successfully operate.

Concrete is a versatile material with various commercial applications. When you need an affordable and durable solution for your warehouse or industrial building, come to Randahl Construction. Our commercial construction services for Minnesota business owners are unmatched.

New Concrete Construction Photos by Randahl Construction

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