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Randahl Construction – a Top Commercial Concrete Contractor in Minneapolis, MN

concrete contractor minnesotaAs a Concrete Contractor, Randahl Construction offers commercial contractor services throughout the state Minnesota. With over 30 years of industrial commercial remodeling and concrete contracting, we have the experience and team to construct your business an entire new facility or simply repair existing concrete in your warehouse. Our full service concrete construction company can be your one call for all of your industrial concrete needs.

How to Fix Your Concrete

Based in Minnesota, Randahl Construction is a commercial concrete contractor that services the entire area surrounding Minneapolis, MN. With an office and shop in Corcoran, MN, our services can help you identify exactly what you are looking for in terms of concrete and masonry work. We offer concrete repair, new concrete, pit and loading dock door concrete/masonry work, because we are a concrete contractor we have the flexibility to handle the job now matter what it calls for. With 30 years in the construction business we have built a one-of-a-kind sub-contractors network that can work with us to complete any concrete and masonry related construction job.

Minnesota Concrete Projects

Is your business looking to remodel or add additional space to your warehouse or industrial building? We can help. Our commercial remodeling and commercial concrete team can assist you in every step of the way. It all begins with a phone call and we can do the rest. After our initial phone conversation, we will then schedule a site visit to meet and discuss the project. While at your facility, we will be taking field measurements, discussing options and learning more about you and your business. Once we are in agreement on the work your are requesting, Randahl Construction can then send you a detailed estimate of the work to be completed. Our estimates are sent via email, fax or hand delivered if requested. We take great pride in making accurate and detailed estimates for our clients, putting it all on the table up front. Our goal for the last 30 years is to provide our customers with accurate estimates that they can count on. Change orders happen in construction but it is our absolute goal to limit change orders and make sure that everything is discussed up front. To set up a meeting with one of our concrete experts or commercial remodeling specialists call 763-550-1009.

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