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Hello and welcome to the Randahl Construction “Concrete Repair Minnesota” webpage. Randahl Construction is a Commercial Remodeling Contractor located in Cocoran, MN specializing in commercial and industrial remodeling. Our concrete division has years of experience in designing, pouring, and repairing commercial and industrial concrete for warehouses and businesses across the state of Minnesota.

Commercial Concrete Repair

Minnesota Concrete RepairRandahl Construction, is an industrial concrete repair service company & restoration contractor that can help you evaluate, diagnose and design solutions for the problems with your concrete and masonry work. After a mutual agreement and contract is work up, we are quick to solve these issues and perform the work, quickly, on time and within the budget. Our goal, is to first identify and analyze the problem and why the problem happened or is happening and then offer our engineered solutions. If we don’t identify the concrete problem and just fix your concrete then you and your business are susceptible to have this problem happen again. We take a long term approach with these issues and prefer to offer a long term solutions along with short term fixes if needed. We arrive to every Minnesota concrete repair project, large and small, with an engineering perspective, identifying problems at their core and providing long-term structural solutions. Working specifically with industrial and commercial properties, Randahl Construction does not perform Residential repair.

Concrete Slab Leveling Services

concrete leveling servicesOver time concrete tends to settle and sink and can cause serious problems within your warehouse factory or industrial business warehouse. Sometimes when the soil beneath the concrete does not have the capacity to support the concrete so as a result that portion of the slab begins to sink. This can cause serious issues in your warehouse depending on how severe the issue is. Our team at Randahl Construction reacts quickly to your phone call and schedules a sit visit to your facility and can provide concrete repair estimates quickly and accurately.

Concrete Leveling Tools

Concrete repair is sometimes only as good as the tools and services one can provide. At Randahl Construction we have equipped our team with the industry best tools and supplies along with our highly experienced engineers to make sure that we can provide solutions for all types of concrete repair issues.

Concrete Demolition

Often times concrete is to far damaged to repair so the only option is to demolish the existing concrete and pour new concrete in it’s place or rebuild the structure. mn concrete demolition servicesAlthough, this is may not be the most cost effective option it is sometimes the only solution. Being experts in both fields, Randahl Construction has the versatility to complete the project what ever service is required. Our main goal is to provide you with solutions to your problems and increase safety in your warehouse.

Demolition Services in Minnesota

Do you have a concrete demolition project in Minnesota? We can help. Contact us by calling 763-559-1009 or visit our Concrete Demolition page for more information.

Material Handling Equipment Damage 

Warehouses are often susceptible to damage from all of the material handling equipment within the warehouse. Concrete walls can become damaged, concrete flooring can become cracked and unsafe from extensive travel, warehouse loading docks and dock pits can become damaged over time as well. All of these problems can be solved by Randahl Construction. Extensive cracks and uneven leveling in your concrete can be extremely hard on your material handling equipment such as forklifts, so fixing this issues promptly is vital to limiting the cost of the problem.

OSHA Concrete and Masonry Construction

Safety is our number one goal at Randahl Construction and it’s very important that we perform our concrete and masonry construction abiding by all rules and regulation laid out by OSHA. When seeking a concrete repair contractor in Minnesota, Randahl Construction or others we highly recommend that safety is their top priority as well. Contractors who are not concerned with safety or proper procedures can be a liability to your business. We also recommend that you, the customer, take time and understand what OSHA recommends and requires during Concrete and Masonry Construction. Visit: OSHA Concrete and Masonry Construction

Minnesota Concrete Repair Services

concrete repair company• Concrete Cutting – saw cutting, floors and common walls

• Concrete Leveling – finding a solution to unleveled concrete flooring

• Concrete Sawing – using a saw to cut into the walls, floors and common walls

• Concrete Patching – finding a solution to holes and damaged concrete

• Concrete Crack Repair –  finding a proper solution to cracking in industrial flooring and sidewalks

• Concrete Foundation Repair – identifying and fixing solutions with a concrete foundation.

• Loading Docks & Warehouse Pit Repair – taking damaged and unsafe warehouse docks and pits and reworking the concrete and making them safe again

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Engineered Concrete Repair Systems

Randahl Construction has all of the tools needed to properly repair all types of concrete across the state of Minnesota. Utilizing engineered concrete repair systems such as Ardex, Randahl Construction is able to identify and fix concrete issues at your workplace. Working specifically in the commercial concrete industry we are able to focus on industrial applications not getting caught up with residential projects. Our focus and experience comes from helping businesses with their concrete repair needs and we plan it to stay that way. We are able to provide concrete repair solutions using the following engineered concrete repair systems:

  • concrete stair repair in MinnesotaARDEX ERMTM Exterior Ramp Mortar – This polymer-modified concrete repair mortar has corrosion inhibitor built-in to protect reinforcing steel. Easily holds shape for ramping and balconies.
  • ARDEX TRMTM Transportation Repair Mortar – This concrete repair mortar is microsilica-modified for improved durability and is fast-setting. Suitable for overlays and full -depth repairs.
  • ARDEX FDMTM Full Depth Repair Mortar – This concrete repair mortar has corrosion inhibitor built-in to protect reinforcing steel. Suitable for overlays and full-depth repairs
  • ARDEX FPTM Form & Pour – This concrete repair mortar is formable, pourable and pump-able. Typical applications include balconies, plaza decks, columns, walls and parking decks. Horizontal, vertical and overhead applications.
  • ARDEX FDXTM Full Depth Extended Repair Mortar – This concrete repair mortar contains pre-blended aggregate for precise job site control, as well as corrosion inhibitor to protect reinforced steel.
  • ARDEX OVPTM Overhead & Vertical Patch – For use on pre-cast concrete, poured-in-place concrete panels, tilt-up walls, or any other vertical or overhead concrete or masonry surfaces
  • ARDEX TWPTM Tilt Wall Patch – Perfect for tilt-up walls, pre-cast or poured-in-place concrete panels and other concrete or masonry surfaces.
  • ARDEX B 20TM Overhead & Vertical Repair Mortar – This polymer modified structural repair mortar has a corrosion inhibitor built-in to protect reinforcing steel. Glass microspheres add body and reduce weight allowing it to hang up to 2” (5 cm) thick without sag for vertical and overhead applications.
  • ARDEX K 301TM Exterior Self-Leveling Concrete Topping – Install over concrete, porous tile and certain non-porous surfaces when properly prepared on, above or below grade
  • ARDEX CDTM Concrete Dressing – Large grain sand for creating textured and non-slip surfaces
  • ARDEX CD FINETM Concrete Dressing – Finer grain sand for a less textured finish. Available in gray or white
  • ARDEX CPTM Concrete Patch – Fill spalls, gouges, dormant cracks, “birdbaths” and other low areas in existing concrete surfaces. ARDEX CP can also be used to re-form concrete steps and curbs, and to create ramps over existing concrete, as well as to resurface vertical concrete substrates.

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