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Concrete Slab Contractor in MinnesotaWhat is a concrete slab?
In the commercial construction industry, a concrete slab is typically a horizontal slab of concrete with steel reinforcement (also known as rebar) that acts as a structural element of a building or structure.Often times commercial concrete slabs will also be used to support everything from human traffic to heavy duty semi-truck trailer traffic.

As your business’s foundation, a concrete slab is a great flooring option for a durability and support. If you’re considering concrete slabs for your commercial property, it’s important to know a little bit about the process and benefits prior to selecting a Concrete Contractor for your project. Randahl Construction, Inc. in Corcoran, MN is committed to providing businesses in and around the Twin Cities of Minnesota with solid and cost-effective concrete slabs for their projects.

Concrete Slab Applications

Essentially, a concrete slab is just a solid pouring that dries and hardens in place. They have a variety of uses in commercial settings. Most commonly, we pour concrete slabs that are used as secure foundations for commercial properties such as storage warehouses, production facilities and manufacturing plants. They can also provide a sleek driveway surface and connected patios for your business. Although most common in residential construction, we also offer decorative concrete slabs for our customers. Our decorative concrete slabs are typically placed in high traffic areas such as building entrances, offering a unique touch to our clients building. Another application when concrete slabs are used in the commercial construction industry is for the foundation of equipment, machines, tanks, pipes and other materials. These concrete slabs are either engineered by the equipment  manufacturer or the concrete engineers. Visit our Electrical Equipment Concrete Pads webpage for more specific information on equipment slabs.

Concrete Slabs in Minnesota


Perhaps one of the most attractive benefits to business owners about concrete slabs is their affordability Installing concrete slabs is a cost-effective flooring solution. Not only is it affordable upfront, but it also requires minimal maintenance in the future. Its durability and energy efficiency are just a few more reasons why business owners choose concrete slabs. Concrete slab construction is the most common style of construction in Minnesota.

Concrete Slab Design and Specifications

When creating concrete slabs for commercial or industrial purposes, we take the design requirements of your flooring plan and develop the most effective solution. Basic construction materials such as concrete and rebar are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to building commercial concrete slabs. For the complicated process of designing and creating specifications for industrial flooring, engineers and our concrete team have to know more than just what size floor is needed. Some of the details to be considered are:

• Concrete Mix Design – The material composition to be used, and what ratio of water to cement and its additives

• Engineered Concrete Design – The thickness of the concrete, which is based upon the sub-base and anticipated loads for the floor

• Vapor Barrier – Depending on the local conditions and recommended guidelines, vapor barriers need to be considered

• Flexural and/or compressive strength – The compressive strength of the concrete

• Sub Base Tolerances – Tolerances of the concrete sub-base

• Contraction/control joints are placed in concrete slabs to control random cracking.

• Rebar Design – What type and design of steel reinforcement will be needed

• Surface treatment – How durable the surface needs to be, and whether or not to specify metallic or minerals surface hardeners

• Surface finish – What type of finish the surface will need, brush finish, hard-troweled…

• Curing – Curing requirements of the concrete

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Concrete Slab Construction

Concrete Slab Finisher MinnesotaOur highly experienced team of concrete experts can help you design, plan and budget your concrete slab project. Our project managers and estimators can offer you quick budgetary numbers or prepare rock solid proposals for your project. Give us a call at 763-559-1009 to begin the process. Once a signed proposal is accepted our team can begin. As general contractors in Minnesota, project planning and execution comes natural to our team. With 30 years experience in the construction industry, we are set up to quickly mobilize and execute your project with perfection. Depending on the type of project, we are able to work directly with your excavators or supply our own. We have the equipment on hand to prepare the site for concrete or we can work directly with the excavator, to ensure that the site is properly set up prior to our team arriving on site. During the preparation stage of a project, we have very high standards and expectations for the excavating crew. Proper excavation and compaction is essential to a successful project, so over the years we have built or own excavating team to ensure that the ground is prepared properly prior to us forming and pouring concrete.

Whether you need to install concrete slabs or improve your commercial property, we can get the job done with high quality concrete services. We understand the needs of business owners who desire something affordable without compromising durability. Our concrete experts will pour slabs according to your exact specifications for a foundation or surface that will last with very little maintenance. Our projects can be found across the Twin Cities so if you would like some references or would like to see our work just ask.

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