Machine Foundations

At Randahl Construction, Inc. located in Corcoran, MN, we install concrete machine foundations for all types of machinery, machine tools and other heavy equipment. A concrete machine foundation is the foundation that is placed beneath machinery, machine tools and other heavy equipment. Our machine foundation design and installation services cover the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul area as we currently serve several major manufacturers in the state of concrete machine foundations Our team offers concrete design expertise, quick and accurate estimates all the way through to a flawless execution. From the planning stages of the project, our concrete experts along with a team of engineers can work directly with the manufacturer and your team ensuring that we provide the proper foundation for the project. Finding the proper concrete contractor to design and pour your machine foundation is essential, because when engineering and pouring these machine foundations, there is no room for failure. With over 30 years experience in the construction industry, we have the experience, network and tools needed to provide the proper machine foundation for your equipment.

Machine Foundation Concrete Design 

All machines, machine tools and heavy equipment typically have different requirements for their foundations. This is because they all operate at different speeds, hold different loads, and have various operating conditions. One of the more common machine foundations is called a Block Type Foundation. Block type machine foundations are pretty self explanatory, a pedestal of concrete resting on a footing, designed to with stand the demands that the machine or other equipment requires. Block design foundation has a large mass and a small natural frequency. Another machine foundation design is the Box or Ciasson Foundation. The box foundation can be described similar to a block foundation although the inside of the box foundation is hollow with sides and a top increasing the natural frequency of the Box foundation. Another design of a machine foundations is called a Wall Type. The wall type machine foundation can be described as a foundation consisting of a pair of walls with a slab resting atop. This type of design is most often used with small machines resting on the top slab.

Soil Testing for Machine Foundations

When designing and preparing Machine foundations for our clients, we use our highly qualified third party partner for the soil testing and analysis, which is always done. Using previous soil samples or conducting new tests, done by core drilling our geotechnical engineering team provides theMN machine pit concrete information needed to understand the soil and site characteristics

Machine Pit Excavation

Once the design stage is complete and the machine foundation project is approved, the site is then laid out, secured and prepared for construction. Typically in existing warehouses the concrete in the area of the future machine foundation is saw cut and removed from the site by our team. Once all of the necessary existing concrete is removed we then begin excavating as needed. Proper shoring, piling and lagging is all figured out in the design stage of the foundation so our team is aware of exactly what is needed/required for safety during the project.

Forming and Pouring the Machine Foundation

Once the pit is prepared for forms, our team begins forming and adding the proper reinforcing steel to create the form of the machine foundation preparing it for concrete. Once the forming and reinforcing bars are in place out team can execute the pour. Working with the concrete mixing plant our team knows the exact concrete mix and quantity needed for each pour and schedules it as needed.

Machine Foundation Concrete Contractor

If you are located in Minnesota and planning for a new machine at your facility or moving machinery that will require a new concrete machine foundation give Randahl Construction a call at 763-559-1009.