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Taking a Step in the Right Direction

minnesota Concrete Sidewalk RepairWhile taking proper care of sidewalks might seem like the responsibility of the city or district, the accountability also falls on the shoulders of local businesses, schools, shopping malls, organizations and the like. Step no further than Randahl Construction if you’re in need of concrete sidewalk repair in Minnesota. A simple job can improve the safety, reputation and general appearance of not only your business or school, but your community as well. We provide sidewalk repair for shopping malls, schools and the businesses across the Twin Cities. Some of our sidewalk repair work can be found at Providence Academy in Plymouth, MN, The Edina Mall in Edina, MN, MTS Systems in Eden Prairie, MN and many others. Our sidewalk repair team is quick, experienced, professional, cost effective and we offer free estimates.

Why Smooth Sidewalks Are Important

Sidewalks are rather commonplace, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t essential. Well-kept sidewalks allow for ease of walking and facilitate the safe entering and exiting of buildings. When sidewalks are in poor condition, they can lead to trips, falls, stumbles, sprains, bruises and potentially even lawsuits. Something else we’d like for you to keep in mind is the fact that there are state laws regarding the proper upkeep of sidewalks.
In Minnesota, it’s especially important that sidewalks remain in great condition during the winter when they’re already slick with ice and snow, both of which can make walking especially treacherous no matter how careful you are, and both of which can lead to the premature wearing down of sidewalks. That being said, students, shoppers and pedestrians are sure to appreciate your efforts in keeping your sidewalks in great condition no matter the season.

Are Your Sidewalks ADA Compliant?

mn sidewalk repairAs a business, it’s very important that your sidewalks and building entrances are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant and in good, safe operating form. It’s your responsibility as a business to ensure that people with disabilities can safely travel around your facility. Damaged sidewalk ramps and sidewalks can hinder this. Our sidewalk repair team can help you identify areas of your facility that are not in compliance with the ADA. If you are looking for an ADA guide or helpful tool here is a great resource: ADA Guide for Small Businesses (This document provides informal guidance to assist you in under- standing the ADA and the Department’s regulation.)

Disclaimer: As a concrete contractor it is our responsibility to provide the concrete services to help businesses repair damaged sidewalks and damaged concrete to make their facilities safe. To get specific answers to questions about the ADA or to learn more about the law call the Department of Justice ADA Information Line, toll-free (1-800-514-0301 voice and 1-800-514-0383 TDD).

Minnesota Concrete Sidewalk Repair

concrete sidewalk repair MNWhat makes Randahl Construction the perfect company to take care of your concrete sidewalks is that we’re based in Corcoran, MN and we serve the entire Twin Cities area, which means we understand the climate and other factors that impact the overall condition of your sidewalks. We also work with reputable suppliers and laborers who also understand the unique demands of our climate and concrete sidewalks.

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