Sidewalks, Parking Lots & Curb and Gutter

Increase the safety and curb appeal of your business with beautiful sidewalks, parking lots, and curb and gutter.

Sidewalk Repair Benefits Your Business and Community

Taking care of sidewalks isn’t only the responsibility of your city or district. Local businesses, schools, shopping malls, and other organizations are also responsible for keeping the areas around their building safe and attractive. Repairing sidewalks, parking lots, and curbs can improve the safety, reputation, and general appearance of your business and your community. 

Randahl Construction, Inc. repairs sidewalks for shopping malls, schools, and businesses across the Twin Cities. 

Some of our sidewalk repair work can be found at 

  • Providence Academy in Plymouth, MN
  • The Edina Mall in Edina, MN 
  • MTS Systems in Eden Prairie, MN. 

Our sidewalk repair team is quick, experienced, professional, and cost-effective. We offer free estimates.

Why Smooth Sidewalks Are Important

Well-kept sidewalks allow for easy walking and facilitate the safe entering and exiting of buildings. In contrast, sidewalks that are in poor condition can lead to trips, falls, stumbles, sprains, bruises, and potentially even lawsuits. This is why state laws mandate the proper upkeep of sidewalks.

During Minnesota winters, sidewalks are made more dangerous due to ice and snow. The salt and sand used to combat these conditions wear down the sidewalks prematurely. So, checking your sidewalks each spring is all the more important to determine if they need repair.

Are Your Sidewalks ADA Compliant?

As a business owner, you are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to ensure the sidewalks and entrances to your building are in good operating form so that people with disabilities can safely travel around your facility. 

Randahl Construction, Inc. provides concrete services to help businesses repair damaged sidewalks to make their facilities safe. 


While our sidewalk repair team can help you identify areas of your facility that are not in compliance with the ADA, to get specific answers to questions about the ADA or to learn more about the law, call the Department of Justice ADA Information Line, toll-free (1-800-514-0301 voice and 1-800-514-0383 TDD). Another great resource for business owners is the ADA Guide for Small Businesses.

Is It Time To Repair or Replace Your Concrete Parking Lot?

When we assess your parking lot, we will first try to identify the source of the damage. This is important because if there is an underlying issue we need to address, that needs to be done first. The root cause of the damage plays a vital role in restoration or replacement, as well as future maintenance. 

Many parking lot issues can be repaired, but sometimes it’s better to start fresh. A repair could extend the structure’s life if your newer concrete parking lot is already starting to crack. If you have an older parking lot that will continue to be problematic, you may be better off replacing the concrete. 

A few of the things we may do to repair your parking lot are:

  • Concrete crack repair and patching
  • Joint sealing and expansion joint repair
  • Concrete overlay and slab restoration
  • Complete parking lot replacement
  • Concrete leveling
  • Concrete cutting and sectional repairs
  • Complete demolition and removal of old parking lot prior to replacement

Concrete Parking Lots Outperform Asphalt

One of the reasons businesses choose concrete parking lots over asphalt is their longevity. The estimates of their lifespan can vary based on many factors. Still, experts believe that concrete parking lots remain usable for approximately 20 to 50 years, while the lifespan of comparable asphalt surfaces is often five to 20 years shorter.

Concrete can withstand frequent traffic and heavy vehicles far better than asphalt. Still, all concrete structures eventually crack. While this may not happen for decades, sooner or later, the concrete will wear down. 

Importance of Concrete Curb and Gutter

An expertly installed curb and gutter does more than just separate the roadway from the sidewalk. They also

  • Flush away water and debris to drains
  • Prevent drivers from parking on sidewalks and lawns
  • Provide structural support to surrounding pavement
  • Improve the appearance of existing pavement.

Adequate Drainage is Essential

It is critical that the site has sufficient runoff, especially in Minnesota, where heavy rain or melting snow can refreeze and then compromise and crack your concrete. Randahl Construction, Inc. will ensure there is adequate drainage before your concrete parking lot or sidewalk is poured

“Metro Deaf School hired Randahl construction to add a new sidewalk addition from a classroom to an existing parking lot as a means of another accessible egress route. From the start, Randahl has been wonderful to work with and very accommodating with ideas and plans for the sidewalk. They did everything correct and to code, as well as they have been very very responsive to my phone calls any time I needed to ask a question or ask for feedback, the communication between client (me) and contractor (Randahl) has been top notch and ensured the project went along smoothly. This is a great company to work with which gives top notch results for your project.”

Andrew Palmberg
Metro Deaf School

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