Concrete Pits

Concrete pits are the foundation of your equipment. Your concrete pit must be poured correctly so that your equipment is level, balanced, running properly, and within tolerance for true weights and measurements. We take great care to install your concrete pits correctly so that your equipment will run properly for years to come.

We Pour Concrete For

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We Do Special Inspection Testing for All Concrete Pits

When designing and preparing concrete pits for our clients, we always start by having the soil tested and analyzed by a highly qualified third-party partner.

Our geotechnical engineering team can understand the soil and site characteristics using previous soil samples or core drilling to conduct new tests. This ensures the long-term success of your concrete project and prevents costly failure of your foundation pit in the future.

Among our tests are:

  • Soil Stability Test
  • Rebar Inspections
  • Concrete Cylinder Strength Tests

Concrete Estimates & Proposals

Randahl Construction, Inc. offers both design-build and design-bid-build project services. We are typically contacted after the project’s design stage is complete and concrete estimates are needed.

We take great pride in offering our clients accurate, detailed estimates for their concrete pads. Our experienced estimators take the time to analyze your project properly to ensure our numbers are accurate. Our goal is to build trusting relationships with our customers by being transparent with our numbers and minimizing change orders.

Machine Pit Excavation

Once the design stage is complete and the project is approved, we lay out the site and prepare for construction. Because these projects are often installed in existing warehouses, we must first saw, cut, and remove any existing concrete from the area where we will pour the new machine foundation

Once all the necessary existing concrete is removed, we can begin excavating. Proper shoring is figured out in the design stage of the foundation, so our team is aware of exactly what is needed to ensure the safety of everyone working on the project.

We have the equipment to remove the old demolished concrete from your site safely.

Scale Pits for Commercial Scale Installations

Commercial scales are essential in warehouses and production facilities across Minnesota, especially for businesses that buy or sell commodities for which the price is determined by weight. 

The State of Minnesota Department of Commerce, Scales & Meters Division regulates commercial scales. This ensures customers get what they pay for. As a Concrete Contractor in Minnesota, we install commercial scales across the Twin Cities.

We offer both new construction scale installation and the installation of scales into existing buildings for customers who want to add a scale to their operations or replace an existing scale.

Concrete Sawing

First, the scale must be purchased from the manufacturer. Then we confirm the location and prepare it for construction. We must place proper safety and dust barriers before the concrete sawing for interior scales. Although exterior scale installations rarely require dust barriers, they sometimes require safety barriers. Once the proper barriers are in place, our team can cut through the existing floor to create a pit into which the scale frame can fit. The scale pit frame is typically in one piece with no field welding required.

Pouring Concrete

Once the pit frame is in place and secured, the necessary drains and slope are determined, and we pour the concrete around and under the frame.

Installing a Scale in an Existing Warehouse Space

Even the sturdiest scales can be compromised when supported by a poor foundation because the scales can shift and be brought out of calibration. If the movement is extreme, the scales could become inoperable, requiring costly repairs. 

When installing in-floor commercial scales, pit depth, scale width, scale length, access points, drains, foundation requirements, and other variables change from one scale to another. The existing electrical layout will also change from project to project because all buildings are set up differently. There is still a fundamental process that we follow. 

We always begin by examining the site and soil conditions and slope of the surface. Randahl Construction, Inc. is your trusted concrete contractor if you need a solid-scale foundation.

“Randahl Construction did several custom concrete equipment foundations and floor pits and built an interior warehouse wall for us. Very professional crew and the quality of work was excellent!”

Keith Otterstatter

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Our equipment pit design and installation services cover the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul area and a 100-mile radius from our Corcoran, Minnesota location. If your facility is planning for a new machine or moving machinery that will require a new concrete equipment pit and foundation, call Randahl Construction, Inc.

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