Concrete Foundations for Heavy Machinery

Randahl Construction, Inc. produces top-quality poured and machine foundations for commercial and industrial applications.

Machine Foundation Design & Installation

Industrial equipment and heavy machines often have specific foundation requirements depending on their size, operating speed, load capacity, safety requirements, and other operational conditions. 

At Randall Construction, we design and install concrete machine foundations for all types of machinery, tools, and heavy equipment. We work with a wide variety of industries, such as automotive, chemical, production, and manufacturing, to ensure their heavy equipment has the appropriate foundation to operate safely and effectively for the life of the machine.

When Engineering and Pouring Machine Foundations, There Is No Room for Failure

Our team offers accurate estimates and concrete design knowledge from the planning stages of your project to its flawless execution. Our concrete experts and a group of engineers work directly with the manufacturer and your team to provide the proper foundation for your project. With over 38 years of experience in the construction industry, we have the know-how and tools needed to provide the proper machine foundation for your equipment.

We Do Special Inspection Testing for All Concrete Foundations

When designing and preparing concrete foundations for our clients, we always start by having the soil tested and analyzed by a highly qualified third-party partner.

Our geotechnical engineering team can understand the soil and site characteristics using previous soil samples or core drilling to conduct new tests. This ensures the long-term success of your concrete project and prevents costly failure of your foundation in the future.

Among our tests are:

  • Soil Stability Test
  • Rebar Inspections
  • Concrete Cylinder Strength Tests

Concrete Estimates & Proposals

Randahl Construction, Inc. offers both design-build and design-bid-build project services. We are typically contacted after the project’s design stage is complete and concrete estimates are needed.

We take great pride in offering our clients accurate, detailed estimates for their concrete foundations. Our experienced estimators take the time to analyze your project properly to ensure our numbers are accurate. Our goal is to build trusting relationships with our customers by being transparent with our numbers and minimizing change orders.

Machine Foundation Excavation

Once the design stage is complete and the machine foundation project is approved, the site is laid out, secured, and prepared for construction. If the foundation is to be poured into an existing warehouse, the concrete in the area of the future machine foundation is sawed, cut, and removed from the site by our team. 

Once the existing concrete is removed, we begin excavating as needed. Because proper shoring is planned out in the design stage of the foundation, our team is aware of all safety requirements during the project.

Forming and Pouring the Machine Foundation

Next, our team begins forming and adding the proper reinforced steel to prepare the machine foundation for concrete. Once the reinforced bars are in place, our team executes the pour. Working with the concrete mixing plant, our team knows the exact concrete mix and quantity needed for each pour and schedules it as required. On most occasions, we use a 5,000 lb. high-early fast-drying concrete so most pieces of the equipment can be installed within 5 days.

“Randy and his team at Randahl Construction helped us handle part of 14,000 sqft building addition project at our Pallet Manufacturing Plant in Maple Grove. Randahl did excellent work, delivered on promises and went above the call of duty in several instances to keep the project moving forward. We would definitely recommend working with them and plan to do so again when a need arises.”

Nick Wenner
Pallet Service

Machine Foundation Concrete Contractor

Our machine foundation design and installation services cover the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul area and a 100-mile radius from our Corcoran, Minnesota location. If your facility is planning for a new machine or moving machinery that will require a new concrete machine foundation, call Randahl Construction, Inc. at 763-559-1009.

Randahl employee working on a job site