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With decades of experience as a commercial concrete contractor in Minnesota, we’ve learned a lot! We’re happy to share our knowledge about commercial and industrial concrete!

What Is the Importance of a Concrete Equipment Pad?

Concrete equipment pads play a key role in providing stable and durable foundations for various types of commercial machinery and equipment. From industrial facilities to manufacturing plants, these pads offer multiple benefits that contribute to the safety and efficiency of operations. At Randahl Construction, Inc. Concrete Division, we are your source for professional concrete equipment...
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How to Choose the Right Commercial Concrete Company in the Twin Cities?

Choosing the right commercial concrete company for your project in the bustling Twin Cities Metro Area requires careful consideration and sufficient research. With numerous options available, it’s essential to consider a number of factors to ensure you connect with a reputable and reliable contractor. At Randahl Construction, Inc. Concrete Division, we are a trusted commercial...
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The Role of Industrial Concrete in Warehouse Additions and Build-Outs

Industrial concrete plays a crucial role in the construction of warehouse additions and build-outs, offering strength, durability, and versatility to support the demands of modern industrial spaces. At Randahl Construction, Inc. Concrete Division, as a leader among industrial concrete contractors, we offer an array of industrial construction services that enable the quality construction of warehouse...
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How to Choose the Right Industrial Concrete Contractor for Your Project

When embarking on an industrial concrete project in the Twin Cities Metro Area, choosing the right commercial or industrial concrete contractor is of prime importance. With so many options available, it’s essential to navigate through the choices wisely to ensure the success of your project. At Randahl Construction, Inc. Concrete Division, we are your premier...
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The Role of Professional Concrete Contractors in Pad Installation

Have you ever wondered how large, towering buildings in the greater Twin Cities area maintain stability and stand strong through the years? The key lies in the discreet, yet crucial construction component known as the concrete pad. It is not an exaggeration to say that concrete pads are an indispensable part of any commercial construction...
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The Advantages of Using Concrete Pads for Machinery Stability

Construction and industrial projects often require heavy machinery to complete various tasks. These machines provide unparalleled efficiency and productivity, but they also come with a risk of instability. Unstable equipment poses risks to both the workers operating them and the project’s structural integrity. Concrete pads are one solution for this issue, providing a solid foundation...
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How Weather Impacts Commercial Concrete Projects in Twin Cities

Weather conditions in the Twin Cities, or any part of Minnesota, can throw a wrench into your commercial construction schedule. However, by knowing more about the area’s weather and how it can impact your project, you’ll have better information to decide how you should approach your commercial project. Read on to learn where you can...
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What To Look for in Commercial Concrete Construction Companies in the Twin Cities

Whether you’re planning a large sidewalk construction project or a project involving commercial building foundations, having the right commercial concrete company by your side is key in the Twin Cities. These companies are essential to the success of your commercial concrete construction project in the Twin Cities. The best companies are masterful at what they...
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Concrete Parking Lots

Benefits of a Concrete Parking Lot

Concrete Parking Lots Parking lots are some of the most important features on any commercial or industrial property. Keeping your parking lot in good condition helps enhance the overall safety of your campus. A sound parking lot provides visitors, employees, guests, and third party agents with a surface that is safe to park on and...
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