Concrete Sawing, Cutting, & Demolition

When your concrete needs to be replaced, we have the tools and the know-how to saw, cut, and demo your concrete.

We Self-Perform Interior & Exterior Demolition Projects

Randahl Construction, Inc. is very experienced in saw cutting and concrete demolition. Because we self-perform all of our projects, we can control the cost and the schedule of your project. Most of our competitors either rent their equipment or subcontract their work out to a third-party company. We own all of our own high-quality saw-cutting and demolition equipment, saving you money and giving us the flexibility to schedule your project more accurately. 

Can’t You Just Patch the Concrete?

Often, using a patching compound and resurfacing product is a short-term fix for something like a crack in the concrete. Before long, the surface or topping will display the same characteristics as the concrete you tried to repair beneath. It is better to find the source of the problem and fix it at its root. Usually, this means demolition and repouring with new concrete.

These conditions include:

  • Deep, widespread cracks. This may be due to improper preparation of subgrade, erosion of subgrade, settlement, and the weight of large trucks.
  • Frost heave. Frost heave is very common in cold climates, where moisture in the ground freezes and the concrete pushes upward.
  • Sunken concrete slabs. This can happen when the subgrade was not prepared properly. If loose dirt was used for the subgrade, it might later settle as sprinkler or rainwater goes under the concrete, washing the dirt away. This leaves the concrete unsupported and more susceptible to sinking. A concrete slab can also sink if it is subjected to extreme weight.
  • Spalling and pitting. While concrete slabs can be resurfaced, often, it is more economical to replace the concrete. 

Concrete Sawing, Cutting, and Demolition

Because Randahl Construction, Inc. stays on top of the latest industry innovations, we know the most effective strategies for handling your saw cutting and demolition project. We also remove and recycle the old concrete from your job site. 

We Are Your Twin Cities Concrete Sawing and Demolition

You owe it to yourself and your business to hire an experienced and local company committed to excellence and superior results to perform your concrete sawing projects.
You can count on Randahl Construction, Inc. to get the job done right. 

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