Our Concrete Projects

Our project profiles showcase the capabilities of our Concrete Division. With over three decades of successful projects, our track record speaks for itself.


Concrete Pit

Two very large concrete press pits for making engine cases for Indian motorcycles. Randahl Construction was honored to be the concrete contractor of choice on this project! We were hired to construct two concrete press pits with a tolerance of 1/16 of an inch. With our expert construction team, we laid out and built all custom forms before the concrete was saw cut and removed. We excavated and hauled away all fill, we then poured an extremely thick concrete floor with the I-beams precisely set in concrete. We then formed and poured all the walls with a custom cut 3’’ x 3’’ angle iron edge.

When the overseas equipment supplier and installers showed up, they told Polaris, “These are by far the best and most precise press pits that we have ever worked on”

Thank you Polaris!
–The Randahl Construction Team

US Foods

Exterior Concrete Slab

We poured a loading dock concrete slab that is approximately 35 yards. This was an energy repair job due to the failure of the storm sewer. Randahl Construction came to do this job in cold weather conditions.

Thank You US Foods!
–The Randahl Construction Team

Shanghai Wholesale Foods

Interior Industrial Freezer Pads

18,000 square feet of freezer slabs were poured. We removed the existing 12” concrete slab and excavated for 3-layers of foam insulation, 1-layer of 15 mil poly, hot water tube heating, rebar mat, and 6” of concrete. 24 truck loads of concrete and 22 guy’s to complete this project, took six weeks to complete. This project was on schedule and on budget.

Thank You Shanghai Wholesale!
–The Randahl Construction Team

Shanghai Wholesale Foods Project
Centerpoint Energy Project

Centerpoint Energy

Concrete Slabs for Solar Energy

Concrete slabs for the Largest CenterPoint Energy solar projects in the United states. 

We poured twenty two concrete equipment pads from Rochester to Forest Lake Minnesota. 66,000 Square feet of equipment pads 24” thick and over 350,000# of rebar. 

We finished the last equipment pad in Forest lake Minnesota on schedule and in the snow.

Thank You Centerpoint Energy!
–The Randahl Construction Team


Concrete Work and Footings

We replaced the existing concrete slabs on the main entrance at one of the busiest main FedEx hubs in the country. We replaced the concrete one side at a time to ensure that your packages would arrive on time. We also used a #5000 lb high early fast drying concrete. 

Thank You FedEx!
–The Randahl Construction Team

Metro Deaf School

Metro Deaf School

ADA Ramp and Sidewalk

The metro deaf school located in St. Paul currently has over a hundred students. We were able to build a new 102’ concrete ADA Ramp and sidewalks for them. This was a requirement from the city to meet all building codes and ADA compliance. The new ramp and sidewalks allowed all kids and staff to safely exist the back of building where before it was riser steps.  

Thank You Metro Deaf School!
–The Randahl Construction Team

Providence Academy

Sidewalk Replacements

Providence Academy is located in Plymouth and serves over 900 students. We were able to remove and replace sidewalks throughout the campus while working around heavy traffic. This got rid of trip hazards and made the campus safer for students. It also enhanced the appearance of the school. Randahl Construction prioritizes safety for both the projects that we work on as well as for our employees.  

Thank You Providence Academy!
–The Randahl Construction Team

Providence Academy
MTS Machine Pits


Machine Pits & Foundations

Press pits and foundation for a new piece of equipment. We saw cut and demoed the existing concrete slab, then excavated and poured floors and walls. This equipment pit was completed on schedule and on budget. 

Thank You MTS!
–The Randahl Construction Team

Phillips Tank

Concrete Tank Bottom

We poured a 90’ diameter concrete tank bottom. It took 161 yards of concrete and 13 guys 8 hours to finish. The concrete pour was especially difficult because it had to be tapered from the center to the outside walls and 6 1” channels were installed into the concrete slab for drainage. Also, for the 1” channels we made a custom trowel to install the channels. 

Thank You Phillips Tank!
–The Randahl Construction Team

Phillips Tank