Concrete Repair & Masonry in Minnesota

Randahl Construction, Inc. is a masonry and concrete repair contractor that can evaluate, diagnose, and design solutions to your concrete and masonry problems.

Concrete Crack Repair

We guarantee two things about concrete: Concrete will get hard, and concrete will crack.

Concrete is one of the most durable options available, but it’s not without its vulnerabilities. This is especially true in industrial work environments. If the concrete floors of your warehouse are cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged, contact the concrete experts at Randahl Construction, Inc.

Our Repair Process

Our first goal is to analyze the problem and identify its core cause. We want to ensure this problem doesn’t reoccur. 

Next, we formulate an engineered solution. While short-term fixes are sometimes needed, we prefer to take a long-term approach, offering a permanent structural solution to the problem. We will often use a combination of approaches to serve your situation best.

Randahl Construction, Inc. works specifically with industrial and commercial properties and does not perform residential repairs.

Safety Is the Number One Goal at Randahl Construction, Inc.

We abide by all OSHA rules and regulations. All of our employees are required to go through the proper OSHA training and a number of other safety training programs.

Other contractors who are not concerned with safety or proper procedures can be a liability to your business. We recommend that you, the customer, take time to understand what OSHA recommends and requires during Concrete and Masonry Construction.

Concrete Repair Services in the Greater Twin Cities Metro

As concrete experts, Randahl Construction, Inc. has many ways to repair existing concrete floors and structures.

  • Concrete Grinding – finding a solution to unleveled concrete flooring
  • Concrete Patching – finding a solution to holes and damaged concrete
  • Concrete Crack Repair – finding a proper solution to cracking in industrial flooring and sidewalks
  • Concrete Foundation Repair – identifying problems and solutions

Engineered Concrete Repair Systems

Randahl Construction, Inc. has all the tools needed to properly repair all types of concrete across the state of Minnesota. Working specifically in the commercial concrete industry, we help businesses with their concrete repair needs. We provide concrete repair solutions using engineered concrete repair systems such as Ardex and Schönox.

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Damaged Concrete Is Nothing To Stand On!

Randahl Construction, Inc. can implement a permanent solution to your concrete problems. Clients in Minneapolis and St Paul have counted on our experience for over 38 years.

Randahl employee working on a job site