Commercial and Industrial Concrete Pads in the Twin Cities, MN

Our experience in forming, pouring, and finishing concrete pads fast, on time, and with perfection has earned us a strong reputation in many industries.

We Construct Concrete Pads for a Variety of Applications

Machine Pads
Vibration Pads
Industrial Equipment Pads
Electrical Equipment Pads
Mechanical Pads

Hiring the proper concrete contractor for your concrete equipment pads is vital to your project’s success. Randahl Construction, Inc.’s Concrete Division, based in Corcoran, Minnesota, has the team to help you complete your project on time, on budget, and with great success.

Over the years, we have completed many types and sizes of projects. The reputation we have built with our network of suppliers allows us to provide accurate estimates to our clients. We have over 38 years of experience, giving us the insight to properly plan and execute your project. And we use the best tools to complete it.

We Do Special Inspection Testing for All Concrete Pads

Concrete Pits Randahl Construction

When designing and preparing concrete pads for our clients, we always start by having the soil tested and analyzed by a highly qualified third-party partner.

Our geotechnical engineering team can understand the soil and site characteristics using previous soil samples or core drilling to conduct new tests. This ensures the long-term success of your concrete project and prevents costly failure of your concrete foundation pad in the future.

Among our tests are:

  • Soil Stability Test
  • Rebar Inspections
  • Concrete Cylinder Strength Tests

Concrete Estimates & Proposals

Randahl Construction, Inc. offers both design-build and design-bid-build project services. We are typically contacted after the project’s design stage is complete and concrete estimates are needed.

We take great pride in offering our clients accurate, detailed estimates for their concrete pads. Our experienced estimators take the time to analyze your project properly to ensure our numbers are accurate. Our goal is to build trusting relationships with our customers by being transparent with our numbers and minimizing change orders.

Floor Levelling Randahl Construction
Concrete Standards

Forming, Pouring & Finishing Concrete Pads

We excel at forming, pouring, and finishing concrete. So, industries throughout Minnesota, like solar industry, mechanical, electrical, and manufacturing companies trust Randahl Construction, Inc. to pour their concrete pads. Our team is comprised of experienced leaders in the concrete and masonry industry. We have top-quality finishers and hard-working laborers who produce the best results.

Our Strong Network Benefits You

Our experience and our strong network within the construction industry give us the insight to help you understand the complete scope of the project and the costs involved. In today’s market, when supply chain shortages are becoming the norm, we can get concrete when our competitors can’t. We have excellent relations with our suppliers because of our good financial standing and the projects we’ve completed together.

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Your Concrete Equipment Pad Contractor in the Twin Cities

Our concrete pad design and installation services cover the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul area and a 100-mile radius from our Corcoran, Minnesota location. If your facility is planning for a new machine or moving machinery that will require a new concrete pad foundation, call Randahl Construction, Inc.

Ready to enhance your commercial or industrial project? Contact us now for expert concrete pad solutions in the Twin Cities area:

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