Randahl Construction, Inc. Believes in
Giving Back.

Randahl Construction, Inc. has contributed to many philanthropic campaigns in the past and today because we care about the communities in which we live and work. 

Charities We Have Contributed to Are

AIAS Freedom by Design

The University of Minnesota’s Construction Mentor Program, “Freedom By Design,” was a great opportunity to mentor the next generation. We saw a need to give students hands-on experience and learn more about their field of study. So, as a construction mentor in Freedom by Design from 2012-2019, we helped architecture students complete projects for the elderly, needy, and handicapped. 
Freedom By Design

Hamel Rodeo

We support the Hamel Rodeo by helping with set up. We lend them some of our equipment like scissor lifts. We also offer a donation and provide tickets to our customers. We have been one of the Hamel Rodeo’s top sponsors since 2006.
Hamel Rodeo

Adopt Highway

We have adopted a stretch of highway on County Rd 10 in Corcoran. We have cleaned it twice a year since 2019. Initially, we noticed this area was littered and felt it was an excellent way to help our community.
Adopt A Highway

Food Shelf Donation

We support the food shelves in Buffalo and Aitkin several times a year. We believe no one should go hungry, and we hope our donation can ease the suffering of those in our community.

Jobsite Recycling

Often, as we do demolition projects, there are perfectly good door frames, furniture, and other items that would otherwise end up in landfills. We don't want to see these things go to waste, so we will often call non-profits who can reuse them. We also recycle all of our concrete and steel.

Randahl Construction, Inc. Believes in Giving Back

At Randahl Construction, Inc., we’ve made giving back to our community part of our business model. Work with a company that cares about its community.

Randahl employee working on a job site