Ready Mixed Concrete

Ready-Mixed Concrete is the most common type of concrete in the state of Minnesota and across the United States. Randahl Construction works with multiple manufacturers and batching plants of ready-mixed concrete offering quick cost effective concrete solutions for your projects. With excellent ready mixed concrete supplier relations we have given ourselves an advantage in the concrete industry by receiving excellent service and communications with our suppliers, always meeting the demands of our customers.

ready mixed concrete in MNWhat is Ready Mixed Concrete?

Ready-mixed concrete is most commonly known by the transit vehicles that it travels in from the manufacturer to the job site. Ready Mix concrete is most often at building construction sites for: foundations, industrial flooring, buildings structures, sidewalks, curbs, parking lots, roads, and more. It is by far the most common type of concrete in the industry. Ready-mixed concrete is manufactured at a concrete manufacturing plant or batching plant (such as Cemstone, a Minnesota Based Manufacturer), where the concrete is engineered with specific recipes and then delivered to the construction site for the concrete contractor. With the variation of project types in the concrete world, these concrete mixtures are carefully tested and engineered to create a concrete solution for the type of project at hand. We work directly with the manufacturer to find the exact mix for your concrete project. Ready mix concrete may seem like a simple product although it is the exact opposite. The carefully engineered ingredients are added and reduced in different mixtures to meet the demands of the project. Read more about the process here: Concrete Information.

Benefits of Ready-Mixed

It is named ready-mixed concrete because the concrete product is already mixed when it arrives at the construction job site, compared to on-site concrete mixing where construction workers or concrete specialists mix these precise concrete mixtures on location. Ready-mixed concrete minimizes errors in the mixing process and provides quick and precise delivery. Our manufacturers of concrete have even included satellite tracking in their cement vehicles which allows for delivery tracking and excellent communication with us the on-site concrete contractor. Ready mix concrete also minimizes confusion on the job site because all of the complex mixing of the concrete for the project is done off site in a controlled environment. As previously stated, ready mix concrete obtains its strength and character from the ingredients within the mix, so it is essential that this is done properly and consistently.

More benefits of ready-mixed concrete: It is also said that ready mixed concrete uses less cement in the project due to the use of bulk cement compared to bagged cement, along with clean and organized handling in the mixing process. When mixing concrete on the job it requires man hours and the proper space which can effect the speed and cost of the project.

Possible Problems with Ready Mix Concrete

Although ready mix concrete is our concrete of choice in all of our concrete projects, there are some down sides. Increase communication is necessary when dealing with a concrete ready mix supplier. Our team needs to have good relations with the supplier and extra planning needs to be coordinated during the project.

Minnesota Ready Mix Concrete Suppliers

Randahl Construction is a professional ready mix concrete supplier in the state of Minnesota. With our office centrally located in Corcoran, MN, we have established a network of concrete manufacturers surrounding the Twin Cities area offering complete coverage of Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding areas. The goals and values of our company have been effectively communicated to our manufacturers and they understand that in order for us to do business with them, they have to consistently provide accurate delivery times, top of the line products and maintain excellent communication with our concrete team through the entire process. Get started with a Free Concrete Estimate >>> Here

Ready-Mix Concrete Helpful Information

Names: RMC – Ready-mix Concrete, Ready Mixed Concrete, Ready-Mixed Concrete

Purpose: RMC is ideal for large construction projects that demand large amounts of concrete for structures, flooring, foundations, etc.

Where to buy: Ready-mix concrete can be bought directly from the manufacturer if your an end user or through your concrete contractor. When engineering is required the concrete contractor should be responsible for engineering and finding the proper concrete for the project.

Water-Cement Ratio – Critical to the overall quality of the concrete product, the water to cement ratio in the mixture has great significance. A concrete mix with a low water to cement ratio raises the concrete’s compressive and strength, this creates a better bond between the concrete and the reinforcing steel in the concrete such as rebar, a low water-cement ratio also reduces the concrete’s tendency to shrink, lowering the permeability and creates a surface that has more resistance to harsh conditions such as wear and tear and weather. In Minnesota this is important because of the harsh Minnesota winters and the abuse concrete can tend to take. So as a simple note to remember the less water the stronger the concrete.

Time Frame Ready Mixed Concrete – As a rough estimate, Ready Mixed concrete should be poured, in place, and ready for curing within around 200 minutes or a little over 3 hours of batching at the plant. There are products that can be added to increase this time although in standard projects across the Twin Cities this is typically no problem.

Concrete Curing Time – the length of adequate curing time for ready-mix concrete varies from project to project depending on a few variables: strength desired, weather and conditions, and the mixture used. Other variables not listed may affect this curing time as well.

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