Commercial Concrete Minnesota

Commercial Concrete

How Commercial Concrete Can Enhance Your Business 

Installing commercial concrete is a great way to add value to your business. You might not think that flooring can make much of a difference in the overall value of a business, but it truly can. Here are some of the main reasons to install commercial concrete at your business.

Increase Durability

If you’re building a warehouse, retail store, restaurant, or another type of business location that will see a lot of foot traffic, commercial concrete floors are an excellent choice. When you go with commercial concrete to build the structure, you’ll be ensuring that your investment will withstand the test of time. Commercial concrete is an excellent choice for a multitude of structures, as its toughness and durability make it a wonderful investment for businesses.

Add a Concrete Finish or Coating

Plain commercial concrete can sometimes look a bit boring or mundane, but in most cases, you can choose to add a finish or coating to make the concrete appear more attractive and brighter. Decorative concrete has increased in popularity in the recent years due to the improvements with technology and many different looks one can offer. Adding a coating or finish to commercial concrete can help areas with lots of foot traffic continue to look brand new. Reduce the likelihood of stains and wear on the concrete by discussing a finish with your contractor.

Construction Efficiency 

Tilt-up concrete walls in building construction continue to remain relevant due to their high level of efficiency. This style of building is ideal for warehouses, office buildings, and retail centers as the construction time is very short. Tilt-up concrete is defined as concrete walls that are poured horizontally and then tilted-up for the walls of a structure once they have been properly cured.

Concrete Customization 

Adding a simple stain to your commercial concrete floor can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your warehouse, office space, or retail store. Stains are easy to implement and can make a big difference in how customers view your store. Concrete customization allows your concrete floors to be ascetically pleasing while also being extremely durable.

Cut Down on Maintenance 

Concrete is known to be a tough material, so it’s no surprise that commercial concrete floors require less maintenance than other types of floors such as ceramic tile and VCT. When you choose to go with commercial concrete, rest assured that the investment in the business will be a safe choice. In general, concrete floors are much more affordable long term, than most types of flooring.

Ease of Cleaning

Not only will concrete floors rarely have to be repaired, but they’re also easy to clean. When you construct a building with concrete floors, you’ll no longer have to spend so much time and money on the cleaning and maintenance of the floors. Also after years of wear and tear on the concrete floors you can always have your concrete refurbished and polished for a fresh new modern look.

Commercial Concrete Minnesota

The benefits of commercial concrete for your business are nearly endless. By investing in commercial concrete flooring and frames, you will extend the life of the building and also create a space that looks professional and inviting. Concrete installation is usually a quick and simple process, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time waiting for the structure to be completed. Commercial concrete also comes with the added benefit of easy maintenance and cleaning, and will also help to prevent accidents, which is a huge benefit to your business. Call Randahl Construction at 763-559-1009  for all of your commercial concrete needs. 

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