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Our Minnesota Concrete Cutting and Breaking Services

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Remove Concrete With Ease

Even though Randahl Construction does everything possible to repair concrete, there are times where there’s no choice but to remove entire sections of concrete to remedy the situation. When the time comes for concrete sawing for your St. Paul or Minnesota based business, we’re here to walk you through the process and make sure you understand everything that’s going on.

Out With the Old

Besides cracking and the need for repair, you might also need concrete sawing if you simply want to put down new concrete for your business. No matter the reason, Randahl Construction can take care of the job. Rather than using jackhammers, which lead to an abundance of dust and mess, we instead use cutting-edge machines to get the job done to your complete satisfaction. Our way leaves behind a minimum of dust, and the results are sure to be more to your liking. In the end, you get your money’s worth and experience better results than you might have imagined.

More Than One Way to Saw Concrete

Because Randahl Construction stays on top of the latest industry innovations, we know the most effective strategies for handling your sawing project. For instance, diamond concrete saws are ideal for jobs where precision is paramount. These saws are also capable of making quick work of impeding rebar and metal and doing so with as little noise as possible.

For concrete ceilings and walls, circular blades are most certainly the way to go. Need to work through ventilation, wires, pipes or HVAC vents? Be sure to ask us about core drilling, which requires the utmost precision and skill to be done correctly. For jobs that are especially intricate or difficult, we recommend wire sawing.

Saw Through Your Concrete Obstacles

You owe it to yourself and your business to leave your concrete sawing projects to an experienced and local company committed to excellence and superior results. Send us an online form when you’re ready, or dial us up at 763-559-1009.