Concrete Project – Stage 1 Concrete Mix Design

Concrete Mixdesign

Hello my name is Jason Kasanezky VP of Operations at Randahl Construction in Corcoran, Minnesota. Today we will be discussing stage one of concrete project.

Simlialar to other construction projects, the first stage is to design the mix of concrete that will satisfy the project requirements.

According to The American Concrete Institute the “selection of concrete proportions   involves a balance between economy and requirements for placeability, strength, durability, density, and appearance.”

Placeability can be defined by how easy the concrete can be placed into the correct location during the pouring process.

Strength and Density are one of the most important traits of the concrete design. Typically measured by the PSI  Pounds per Square Inch the strength and density ensure that the concrete can hold the correct amount of weight

Next is the Durability – how well will the concrete hold up over time. Being able to withstand freeze-thaw and other variables are very important when measuring the durability.

and finally, Appearance – How will the concrete will look when it is finished curing.

In summary, the design of a concrete mix is a very important stage of a concrete process. So it’s important to have engineers on your team who can carefully calculate all of the correct numbers ensuring that you get the correct concrete for the project. If you have a concrete project that you are interested feel free to contact Randahl Construction at 763-559-1009 Thanks for tuning in.

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