How Weather Impacts Commercial Concrete Projects in Twin Cities

Weather conditions in the Twin Cities, or any part of Minnesota, can throw a wrench into your commercial construction schedule. However, by knowing more about the area’s weather and how it can impact your project, you’ll have better information to decide how you should approach your commercial project.

Read on to learn where you can go for the best commercial concrete services that can allow your project to survive Minnesota’s harsh weather.

Weather Challenges in the Twin Cities

Nestled in Minnesota, the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are no strangers to a range of weather conditions. From humid summers to frigid winters, distinctive weather patterns significantly impact commercial concrete projects throughout the year.

In the winter, freezing temperatures, snow, and ice pose formidable obstacles to concrete work, affecting everything from curing times to the overall strength of the concrete. 

Conversely, the summer months bring heat and humidity, which can influence the concrete setting and curing processes.

In short, the weather in the Twin Cities can lead to a laundry list of commercial construction challenges:

Winter Challenges: Curing Times and Faster Freezing

During the winter months, temperatures in the Twin Cities can drop to as low as -14 F°. This drop creates numerous challenges for any concrete construction project, particularly when it comes to curing times.

As temperatures drop, curing times slow down. As a result, concrete can take a while before it reaches the moisture level and temperature necessary for its hardening.

The resulting delay in consolidation doesn’t just lead to a lengthier project; it can also make or break a concrete slab or other concrete surface’s strength and durability.

That’s not all. With temperatures dropping below zero, concrete will freeze within the first 12 to 24 hours. When concrete freezes this quickly, it can potentially lose up to half its strength, significantly impacting the durability and longevity of your concrete project.

As a result, developers who mistime their concrete projects have to reapply concrete towards the end of winter, wasting valuable time, power, and resources. 

Summer Challenges: Non-Workability of Concrete 

Winter temperatures aren’t the only weather challenges awaiting Twin City developers. 

In the summer, temperatures can become scorching to the point where concrete cures too fast. While this is desirable in some cases, it can lead to more brittle surfaces, especially if the cured concrete isn’t managed properly. 

The intense summer heat can also accelerate the setting process of concrete, potentially leading to challenges in workability and proper finishing. Rapid setting may also affect the overall strength development of the concrete if it’s not carefully managed. 

The perils brought by heat don’t stop there. The increased humidity in the air can prolong the curing times. Without working with the best commercial concrete contractors near the Twin Cities, the summer can wreak havoc on successfully completing your commercial concrete project.

Commercial Concrete Near the Twin Cities: The Significance of Local Expertise

The unique challenges posed by the weather in Twin Cities necessitate a nuanced approach to concrete projects. Most importantly, such projects require the expertise of local contractors who understand the obstacles posed by the area’s weather conditions. 

This is where the best commercial concrete contractors near the Twin Cities come in. 

Experienced commercial concrete companies in the Twin Cities can help you bring your commercial construction project to life despite the harsh weather conditions:

Experience With Local Weather Conditions

Understanding the specific weather challenges outlined above is a cornerstone of our approach at the Commercial Concrete Division of Randahl Construction. We leverage our familiarity with the Twin Cities climate to proactively plan for and address weather-related issues that may arise during every one of our commercial construction projects.

Whether you’re planning to install a parking lot or a network of sidewalks, having expert Commercial Concrete contractors can help make weather conditions less likely to affect your project’s success. 

Successful Projects in Challenging Weather

When we say we can bring commercial concrete projects to life despite the Twin Cities weather, we mean it. 

Our track record in completing successful commercial concrete projects in the face of varying weather conditions speaks to our adaptability and proficiency. 

From winter freezes to summer heatwaves, we have demonstrated that we possess the expertise needed to navigate and conquer the challenges posed by the diverse climate.

Our Projects Do the Talking

At Commercial Concrete, we believe that our completed projects serve as the most compelling testament to our capabilities. Each successfully executed commercial concrete project in the Twin Cities area stands as evidence of our commitment to excellence and what you gain by choosing to work with local experts. Check out our project portfolio today to see what we’ve already completed and get in touch to start your project today!

Choose Local Excellence for Your Twin Cities Concrete Construction Project

The Twin Cities area presents a slew of challenges made more difficult by its unique weather conditions. For this reason, success demands more than engineering prowess; you need an intimate understanding of local conditions — which is where we come in. 

As your preferred local commercial concrete contractors near the Twin Cities, we commit to helping you complete your projects before their deadlines — no matter the weather. 

Choose a local partner who can help you bring your commercial concrete project vision to life. Contact us at 763-559-1009 or online for a free estimate today.

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