What To Look for in Commercial Concrete Construction Companies in the Twin Cities

Whether you’re planning a large sidewalk construction project or a project involving commercial building foundations, having the right commercial concrete company by your side is key in the Twin Cities.

These companies are essential to the success of your commercial concrete construction project in the Twin Cities. The best companies are masterful at what they do, but they also boast a familiarity with the local construction scene that can improve your project’s success and longevity.  

In short, having an industrial concrete contractor in the Twin Cities isn’t just an option — it’s a must. 

However, how can you tell if you’ve got the right partner to take the reins of your commercial concrete construction project? How do you hire the right commercial concrete contractor

Here are the essential characteristics to look for in commercial concrete construction companies in Twin Cities:

Experience and Expertise

One of the first things you should look for in a commercial and industrial concrete contractor in the Twin Cities is experience. 

Experience in commercial concrete construction is an invaluable asset for any contractor. It’s an indication of how many successful projects the contractor has undertaken as well as their expertise gained by years in the industry.

With sufficient experience, concrete contractors set themselves apart from others in their niche. While there is no universal number indicating adequate experience, a good rule of thumb is at least a decade of commercial concrete construction in the Twin Cities area.

The Commercial Concrete division of Randahl Construction boasts almost four decades of experience in completing commercial concrete construction in the Twin Cities.    

Reputation and References

It’s one thing for a company to claim they have years of experience. It’s another for them to have a long list of references and recommendations publicly available.

A company with a solid reputation and references will likely commit to your satisfaction with the project upon completion.

Reputable commercial concrete construction companies in the Twin Cities will do what they can to protect their reputations and deliver to their clients. If you’re considering working with a commercial concrete company with a solid list of references and recommendations, you can bet that the company will do everything they can to add you to their list of satisfied clients. 

At the Commercial Concrete division of Randahl Construction, we’ve won over the trust of numerous developers in the greater Twin Cities area. Our commitment to quality and excellence builds the sturdiest projects and reinforce our clients’ trust in us.

A Visible Portfolio of Past Projects

Experience, expertise, and a solid reputation are all essential qualities of a commercial concrete contractor. However, without a visible project portfolio, you’ll still be wondering whether you’re speaking with the right company to meet your needs and get your commercial concrete project done right. 

A well-documented portfolio serves as a testament to the company’s capabilities. It’s where contractors can showcase their expertise, versatility, and success in executing projects of varying scales and complexities. Before even initially contacting commercial concrete construction companies near the Twin Cities check their websites for project portfolios. 

At Randahl Construction’s Concrete Division, we understand the significance of visible past projects. Our portfolio stands as a living testament to our commitment to excellence. 

Each project showcased has exceeded industry standards, standing the test of time and weathering the challenges of real-world applications. As you review our portfolio, you’ll see first-hand the diversity of projects we have completed, ranging from industrial complexes to commercial spaces.

View our project portfolio today and get a glimpse of how we’ve elevated commercial concrete construction in the greater Twin Cities area.

Technology and Equipment

Knowing that a contractor has completed projects can be reassuring. However, the reassurance can quickly dissipate if the contractor you’re speaking with has no tangible means of finishing your project. 

When you’re speaking with contractors, ask about the technology and equipment they have at their disposal. Their answers will allow you to compare and determine which one will bring your project to life in the necessary timeline and meet your needs, as well as all necessary standards.

Our Commercial Concrete division makes use of cutting-edge technology and leading industry practices for commercial concrete construction. Our commercial solutions and technology have enabled us to finish ahead of deadlines, winning the trust of many local companies and clients. 

Local Knowledge

Lastly, you’ll want a commercial concrete contractor with a localized knowledge of the Twin Cities area. Local knowledge allows contractors to navigate various challenges specific to the Twin Cities, particularly the weather.

Minnesota’s Twin Cities area is vulnerable to frigid winters and scorching heat waves. These variations in weather conditions can negatively impact concrete construction in the Twin Cities, creating longer curing and solidification times. 

For this reason, you need a contractor who can work through and around the Twin Cities’ unique weather conditions. 

At Commercial Concrete, we are trusted advisors who understand the unique dynamics of commercial construction in the Twin Cities, providing you with a distinct advantage in the successful execution of your commercial concrete project.

The Choice Is Clear — Choose Commercial Concrete for Your Twin Cities Project

Boasting expertise, experience, and a solid reputation, Commercial Concrete of Minnesota has a solid track record that shows our excellence in commercial concrete construction in Twin Cities. Also, our techniques and localized knowledge give us the distinct edge to complete your project correctly and on time. 

Choose a partner that executes commercial concrete construction projects like no other. Contact us today at 763-559-1009 for a free estimate.

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