Industrial Concrete Flooring
Starting From the Floor Up When you build a new industrial structure, the first thing you install is the floor. Your industrial concrete flooring is vital to the construction project’s success because it is the foundation on which everything else in the building will stand. You want your equipment, employees and visitors to your business to experience the safest...
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Concrete Waterproofing In Minnesota
Methods for Concrete Waterproofing in Minnesota Water may be a necessity of life, but when it comes to a concrete building, water is the enemy. When the water seeps into the concrete and it freezes, the concrete expands. Over time, this can weaken its structure. Another problem is when the minerals in water leach out into the...
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Concrete Construction Minnesota Mn
Improvements in Concrete Construction Which Make It More Eco-Friendly  Today’s businesses not only need to make a profit, but they have to obey the regulations of their industry, contribute to the community, and be environmentally conscious. Concrete is one of the most ubiquitous building materials. In the past, it’s gotten a bad rap for its...
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Commercial Concrete Slabs
Concrete slabs can be simply defined as the structural element of a building. These concrete slabs typically range from 4”-20” thick and create the floors and ceilings in industrial structures. A Floor Isn’t Just a Floor You probably don’t have equipment that weighs a few tons inside your home.The heaviest appliances, like freezers and refrigerators, typically...
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Commercial Concrete
How Commercial Concrete Can Enhance Your Business  Installing commercial concrete is a great way to add value to your business. You might not think that flooring can make much of a difference in the overall value of a business, but it truly can. Here are some of the main reasons to install commercial concrete at your business. Increase Durability...
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Minnesota Concrete Ready Mixed
No matter what industry your business is in, you probably have the occasional need for a ready mix concrete distributor. You want to find a local reliable commercial concrete contractor to make sure your concrete is engineered for your exact need and then poured correctly. The right contractor will be able to handle your commercial contract needs...
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